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Reptile, Aquatics and Pet Shop in Kingstanding

We are a pet shop in Birmingham, specialising in reptiles and aquatics. We can provide customers with a variety of animals including DWA animals, reptiles and aquatic pets.

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Welcome to Rattlesnake Canyon. Pet, Aquatic & Reptile Specialists.

Reptile specialist and distributor in Birmingham

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Rattlesnake Canyon is a Reptile, Aquatics and Pet Shop based in Kingstanding. As the only DWA specialist in Birmingham, we’ve been helping customers find their perfect pet since 2011.

With such a wide selection of animals and extensive experience in exotic animal care, we’re happy to recommend the ideal pet for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. We want to help you get the most from your pet and ultimately ensure their welfare is priority.

We also stock everything you need to get started, from a range of reptile housing and substrates to specific heating and lighting products. Simply put, we’re a one stop shop for all of your needs.

Our full range of live feeds, frozen rodents and Aquatic food is perfect for feeding to your pet and with fresh deliveries every Thursday, you can be guaranteed they’re getting the best. We can even provide postal pet food deliveries if you have trouble getting to our shop.

We pride ourselves on offering a customer service that is second to none, from the minute you walk in till the moment you leave. With professional yet friendly staff, we’re well equipped to provide the help you need.

To see our full range of animals and what could be ideal for you, visit us today at Rattlesnake Canyon, the Pet, Aquatic and Reptile specialist in Kingstanding, Birmingham.

Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Licensed Livestock

We’re the only DWA specialist and distributor in Birmingham, providing DWA licensed customers with a variety of animals including venomous snakes. As specialists in the field, we ensure that each and every customer is well prepared to handle the animal, offering support where ever possible. 

If you have a licence and you’re looking to keep a DWA pet, feel free to get in contact with us and see what we have available.

Whats New?

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Our Latest Additions

We frequently have new additions to our range of pets. Be sure to check our social media to keep up to date on what we have in stock. 

Our Food Deliveries

We have live food deliveries each Thursday. Come back each week for fresh and quality food for your pet.


We have a huge selection of rare and exotic reptiles.

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Reptiles are our main specialisation and we stock many different varieties in our shop. From different types of snakes and lizards to scorpions and crocodiles, there’s something for everyone.

We have years of experience in both the care and breeding of reptiles, ensuring you know you’re in safe hands when you visit us. Our experience of reptiles is wide and our advice is always on offer for customers that might need it.

Reptile food is delivered fresh every Thursday, ready for your pet to eat and includes live food, dried food and frozen food. Reptile housing is available and includes both wooden and glass reptile enclosures, giving your pet a space of their own to call home.

Looking after one of our reptiles can be a rewarding experience and we encourage people who are after a more unusual pet to visit us in store.

Fish and Small Animals

We don't just do reptiles!

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Outside of reptiles, we also have a variety of tropical fish and cold-water fish that can be kept either indoors or in a pond. With the same level of expertise that we bring to our reptile care, we’re able to offer advice on day-to-day care as well as preparing the ideal habitat and living conditions.

Various aquatic food as well as décor and treatments is sold instore to help you achieve this.

Small animals such as mice and hamsters are available and while not part of our exotic range, make for excellent domestic pets.

We’re happy to announce we’ll also soon be taking orders for parrots. These birds make excellent pets and while they require a little more maintenance, offer a fun and rewarding experience.

Do you have any questions?

Our in-store experts are always ready to help out with anything you need. From advice on what to feed your pet to learning more about which pets can live together or not, we offer helpful and friendly advice.

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What Our Customers Ssssay About Us

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Rattlesnake Canyon is a grate shop mike is a grate guy and very knowledgeable and will go out of his way to help even if that's to do with general information or to found what you are looking for staff are polite I have had afear few animals of him all in great condition great customer service very well recommend to anyone to go and visit will be happy to buy off you agine keep it up mate

MJ Fisher - Facebook

I've used a few pet shops all over the years but this is the best I've ever used by far.the staff and service is the best you could ever hope for.any problems or something you don't understand mike will help you with.i would highly recommend rattlesnake canyon to anyone and everyone.

Debbie Ann Humphries - Facebook

Brilliant service Mike is a really nice guy and extremely helpful nice to see a pet shop who uses scientific names and knows his stuff highly recommend I will definitely be buying from you again

Danielle Boyd O'shea - Facebook

Amazing shop, mike and his team did nothing but help with every question/information we needed. Very friendly customer service and I will be returning again in the near future. Would recommend to anyone!

Jaide Christina - Facebook

This shop is probably one of the best I have been too the owner mike is a real sound guy he's always there to help you when needed I don't have a bad word to say about him does deliveries and always turns up when he says thanks rattlesnake canyon and mike

Angelo TeDeschi - Facebook

We bought our Anerythristic corn snake, Inca, from here a couple of weeks ago. We received lots of advice and help and we are pleased to say she is doing very well and just about to start her first shed with us. We would certainly recommend them and will certainly use them again in the future. Thank you

Dawn Roberts - Facebook

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