Boarding services

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For those times when you need to leave your beloved pet behind


Rattlesnake Canyon is pleased to offer a reptile and exotic pet boarding service for when you are away from home. Our fully trained staff have many years’ experience handling and caring for exotic pets, so it makes sense for us to offer this important service to our loyal customers.

Please see below the many reasons why you should use our boarding service:


  • We are fully trained in all aspects of handling, caring and owning exotic pets and reptiles.

  • We will love your snake, lizard, tarantula, scorpion etc like it’s our own and take only the very best care while it is under our responsibility.

  • We will meet you and your pet beforehand to understand their care routine.

  • Once the pet is in our care, we will make sure it is well fed and watered, ensure it is healthy, check enclosure temperatures and clean where necessary.


If you are interested in discussing this service with us, please get in touch and have a chat with our friendly team. Please remember, we make it our business to keep you and your pet as happy as we possibly can.