At Rattlesnake Canyon we stock and supply an amazing collection of exotic reptiles, aquatic fish, arachnids and small animals such as mice and hamsters.

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We stock a huge selection of rare and exotic reptiles from all corners of the world.

Reptiles are a real speciality of ours, and it is probably our main expertise. Whether you are looking for a snake, lizard, scorpion or even a crocodile, we are sure we can find something to fit the bill. We have many years’ experience advising customers on these animals, so rest assured you are in great hands when you visit our store.


If you are buying one of these pets for the first time you will need to know about how to feed and house them. We always have the necessary feeds in stock, whether it is live, dried or frozen and every Wednesday we get a delivery of fresh reptile food. We’ve also got you covered for housing, whether you and your pet prefer wooden or glass enclosures and all the necessary heating and lighting products.

When you come to Rattlesnake Canyon you will be able to speak with our experts, and ask their advicewhy not get in touch with our friendly team today.

Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Licensed Livestock


We are proud to say we are the only DWA specialist and distributor in Birmingham. We are here to provide DWA licensed customers with a range of animals, including venomous snakes. If you have concerns or questions about owning or handling such creatures, you are in safe hands with our expert and professional team.

If you have a licence and you’re looking to keep a DWA pet, then please give us a call.

Aquatic fish and small mammals


We are pleased to offer a beautiful selection of tropical fish and cold-water fish, which are suitable either for keeping indoors or in a pond. We also have all the necessary hardware and food products to get you up and running on your fish-owning journey.


Furthermore, we keep a range of small animals such as mice and hamsters which of course make great domestic pets. If you have any questions you’ve come to the right place, we don’t just sell pets and products, we are here to give expert guidance and advice when it is needed.